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NFL Hall of Famer Jerry Rice Shares Personal Successes with Chiropractic Care on theFootball Field and the Dance Floor


The Foundation for Chiropractic Progress, a not forprofit organization dedicated to increasing public awareness of chiropractic, announced today that future NFL Hall of Famer, Jerry Rice has agreed to serve as its spokesperson. Rice, a 13-timePro Bowl football player who owns 38 career records and three Super Bowl rings, will share his positive experiences with chiropractic care.


“Chiropractic care has been instrumental in my life, both on and off the field, and I am excited to share this with the American public,” says Rice. “I have been blessed with a long and healthy career as a professional athlete, and as I move forward into the next stage of my life, chiropractic care will continue to be an important part of my game plan.” Throughout 2009, Rice will relate how chiropractic helped him to become the most durable and feared wide receiver in the history of football. He will also articulate the value of chiropractic during his retirement and ways in which it impacted his ability to become a finalist in a physically demanding and widely popular television show “Dancing with the Stars.”


A graduate of Mississippi Valley State College, Rice was drafted by the San Francisco 49ers in 1985 where he won three Super Bowl Championships during his 16-year career there. He enjoyed three seasons with the Oakland Raiders, including a Super Bowl appearance and one season with the Seattle Seahawks before retiring in 2005. At his retirement, Rice held career records for receptions (1547), receiving yards (22,895), touchdowns (208) and receiving touchdowns (197) during the regular season; and post-season records for receiving yards (1,848) and receiving touchdowns (22). Rice was rookie of the year for the 1985 season, most valuable player for 1987, Super Bowl most valuable player in 1989, and NFL Player of the Year for 1990 and 1997. He helped the 49ers win three Super Bowls (1989-90,1995).“Jerry Rice understands what it takes to maintain a healthy body,” says Kent S. Greenawalt, president of the Foundation. “His personal message of how chiropractic played an important role in his ability to maintain a long and successful carrier in football will be well received by the American public, and remains an important part of his game plan for a healthy life.”

U.S. Army Brigadier General Becky Halstead (Retired), Veteran of Iraq and Afghanistan, Speaks Out for Chiropractic Care.

First female grad of West Point promoted to Brigadier General Supports access to chiropracticcare for all U.S. soldiers


The Foundation for Chiropractic Progress (, a not-for-profit organization dedicated to increasing public awareness of chiropractic, announced today that Retired U.S. Army Brigadier General Becky Halstead will serve as its spokesperson and share with the public her positive experiences with chiropractic care. Halstead served 27 years with the United States Army, is the first female in U.S. history to command in combat at the strategic level by commanding the highest level organization for logistics (3rd Corps Support Command) in the Combat Theater of Iraq, and is a recipient of the 2007 national Women’s History Project Generations of Women Moving History Forward.


"The year I was deployed to Iraq I missed my friends and family -- and my chiropractor!" asserts Halstead, noting that chiropractic care is available through the U.S. armed forces healthcare delivery system at approximately 25 percent of the military treatment facilities. ―Personally, I hope someday that chiropractic care becomes part of all our military's healthcare programs, so that all soldiers can have the opportunity to benefit from the care that only a doctor of chiropractic can provide.


Halstead says that the hands-on, active care of doctors of chiropractic and their advice on a healthy lifestyle are essential to our military men and women.―I have always been grateful for the care of my chiropractor and feel it is an essential part of not only preventing more serious health concerns, but also assisting in the recovery from strains and other injuries, adds Halstead. ―My chiropractor is genuinely interested in me, my life and my health, and takes a holistic approach to my wellness.


She says that time spent with her chiropractor is better than any drug she has ever had prescribed, noting, ―Listening appears to be a major tool of my chiropractor’s doc kit in order to get to the root cause of my pain and discomfort without just masking the problem with drugs with all their side effects.  Halstead explains that a chiropractor ―… allows me to be part of the solution and encourages me to be part of my own wellness plan. One of the greatest emotions in the world is relief, and that is exactly what my chiropractor provides me—a tremendous amount of relief from my pain.


Halstead graduated from West Point in 1981 as a U.S. Army Ordnance officer with B.S. in Engineering.  She also earned an M.S. in National Resource Strategy (Advanced Manufacturing) from the Industrial College of the Armed Forces, National Defense University, and an M.S. in Advanced Military Studies (Visionary Leadership) from the Army Command and General Staff College. She was the first female graduate of West Point to be promoted to General Officer. She also served in Europe as the Deputy Commanding General (Chief Operating Officer) for the 21st Theater Support Command and has experience leading a multinational team in depot level logistics operations.  Halstead served as the Chief Advisor to the Combatant Commander (Four Star General) responsible for military training and operations in Latin America, coordinating directly with high‐level organizations including the Office of the Secretary of Defense, Joint Chiefs of Staff, Department of State, U.S.Congress, U.S. Ambassadors and equivalent foreign military and civilian organizations.  Today, Halstead is the executive director for leader development with The Praevius Group (, a Virginia-based consultancy focused on the innovative fusion of leadership development and technology.―It is both an honor and pleasure to welcome General Halstead as a supporter, says Kent S. Greenawalt, president of the Foundation. ―Halstead exemplifies extraordinary service to this nation, and her participation as a spokesperson is a compelling message to professionals and patients, alike.


About the Foundation for Chiropractic ProgressThe Foundation for Chiropractic Progress is a 501c6 corporation that represents a cross section of thechiropractic and vendor communities with the goal of increasing the public’s awareness of the benefits of chiropractic.

Chiropractic Care Helps Golfers Tee-up for Optimal PerformancePro-golfer Padraig Harrington lauds chiropractic care

Professional and amateur golfers turn to chiropractic care as one of the best strategies for maintaining health on and off the course and achieving the best possible performance, according to The Foundation for Chiropractic Progress (, a not-for-profit organization dedicated to increasing public awareness of chiropractic. Household names including Tiger Woods, David Duval,and Padraig Harrington are just a few of the professional golfers who rely upon chiropractors.“One thing I know through experience is that I need to keep seeing my chiropractor, even when I have a few weeks off from golf,” says Padraig Harrington, whose major championships include two British Opens and the PGA Championship. “Getting ongoing chiropractic care helps me to stay injury-free. It also helps me to deal with symptoms when they begin, so that they don’t turn into bigger injuries down the road.”


Dale Richardson, D.C., who has worked alongside professional golfers for over 21 years, helping them to reach their full potential with chiropractic care, treats Harrington. Dr. Richardson has worked on the PGA, European and Australian Tours, and was the first chiropractor to be invited to become a member of the European Ryder Cup sports medicine team, where he has participated on four occasions including the Belfry, Oakland Hills, K Cluband Valhalla GC. He has also been a member of the International President's Cup sports medicine team.“The most common injuries are strains and sprains in the lower back and neck, and tendonitis affecting the wrists and forearms due to the repetitive action and overuse syndromes typical of golf,” says Dr. Richardson. “These injuries can be prevented by taking precautionary measures, such as conditioning and proactive healthcare, both of which are key to optimizing performance for anyone who plays golf.”


He explains that some of the most common injuries in both professional and amateur golfers are preventable, adding, “It is important to not only treat these injuries when they happen, butto also maintain optimal heath though pro-active care such as chiropractic, soft tissue therapies and physical therapy.”Dr. Richardson points out that a multi-disciplinary approach is key for many professional golfers, including care and treatment from physical therapists, sports medical doctors, podiatrists, psychologists, acupuncturists, massage therapists and of course chiropractors.


“These health professionals ensure the overall well-being of golfers so that they can play at the top of their game,” he concludes. “Golfers who access treatment by a chiropractor with multidisciplinary experience will experience fewer injuries, perform better, and achieve greater results. Restoring and improving skeletal and joint mobility with associated skeletal and joint stability is a focus of chiropractic treatment.”

Chiropractic Care Included in 2010 Olympic Vancouver Winter Games at On-SitePolyclinic – A First for Olympic Athletes

For the first time in the history of the Olympic Games, the 2010 Winter Games in Vancouver, Canada will include chiropractic care inside the Olympic Village Polyclinic, a multi-disciplinary facility that offers comprehensive health care and medical services. While doctors of chiropractic (D.C.s) have historically been included on the Olympic medical staff, the upcoming events mark the first time that D.C.’s from the host country will be treating athletes and officials from around the world directly inside the Polyclinic.  “This is an historic event not only for the chiropractic profession, but also the athletes who will now have access to the care that will help them prepare their bodies for competition,” states Michael Reed, D.C., MS, DACBSP, and Team USA Medical Director (USOC). “These athletes train hard and endure significant physical demands. Sports-focused D.C.s, along with other members of the sports medicine team, are specially skilled to assist them in reaching peak performance.”  Throughout the years, chiropractic has become a mainstay in the care of world-class athletes, leading to a growing number of D.C.s included in the Olympic Games. Countless athletes attribute the care they receive from their chiropractors -- working along-side other health care professionals – as a key to properly preparing their bodies to perform optimally.  Chiropractic care has experienced several major moments in Olympic history, dating back to Leroy Perry, D.C., who provided chiropractic care to athletes representing Antigua during the 1976 Games in Montreal, Canada. During the 1980 Winter Olympic Games in Lake Placid, NY,George Goodheart, D.C., became the first official chiropractor appointed to the U.S. team. With each subsequent Olympic Games and Pan American Games, the U.S. teams -- along with a growing number of other national teams -- have included at least one doctor of chiropractic on their medical staff, culminating with the 2010 Winter Games incorporation of chiropractic care inside the Polyclinic.“


Inclusion inside the Polyclinic is another major milestone for the chiropractic profession, and we are grateful to the Host City of Vancouver, the head of Medical Services at the Polyclinic, Jack Taunton, M.D., and to Robert Armitage, D.C., who helped make this possible,” concludes recently promoted USOC Director of Sports Medicine Clinics, Bill Moreau, D.C., DACBSP.


About the Olympic Polyclinic:  The polyclinic is a 10,000-square-foot multi-disciplinary facility that includes comprehensive health care and medical services including emergency medicine (available 24 hours); primary care and sports medicine; a full range of therapy services; dentistry; an eye clinic; imaging; a diagnostic laboratory; and a full spectrum of consultant specialists. Essentially, most health-care needs for athletes or officials residing at the village will be provided at the polyclinic.  For life/limb-threatening conditions, Vancouver GeneralHospital (VGH) is a short distance away.

Professional Football Chiropractic Society Announces Its Role with Every Team in theNational Football League

The Professional Football Chiropractic Society (PFCS, takes pride in announcing that all 32 teams in the NationalFootball League offer their players and personnel chiropractic physician services as part of the triage in managing and preventing injuries. According to the Foundation for Chiropractic Progress (, this distinction is a benchmark for the profession and documents the important role that chiropractic care plays in optimizing athletic performance."The robust need for chiropractic care in the NFL has been deeply driven by the players’ desire for peak physical conditioning and not simply for injuries,” states Spencer H. Baron, D.C.,DACBSP, immediate past President of the PFCS and Miami Dolphins team chiropractor for the past 14 years.


“From the earliest years of full contact football, their bodies are subject to structural stress that doctors of chiropractic (DCs) are specially trained to care for.  Many DCs who provide their services to professional athletes travel with their respective teams throughout the season, treating players up until game time, during the game and sometimes immediately following.”


Rob Lizana D.C., who treats many of the players of the Super Bowl Champion New Orleans Saints, even moved with the team when they relocated to San Antonio, TX following Hurricane Katrina. He treated players in Miami leading up to the Super Bowl game, an advantage that many players were especially thankful for.


According to Saints wide receiver Marques Colston, who had seven catches for 83 yards in Super Bowl XLIV, "I always see Dr. Rob for chiropractic care on game day to get my body balanced, flexible and ready for action. I see him several times a week for rehab and to recover faster from the last game.”  


Saints 2006 first round pick, Reggie Bush, has been receiving regular chiropractic care since playing football in high school and during his collegiate years.“I look at chiropractic care as important to keeping me healthy and at the top of my game," said the former Heisman Trophy winner and two-time National Champion while playing for the University of Southern California (USC).  Saints wide receiver, Lance Moore, who converted a crucial 2-point conversion during SuperBowl XLIV also relies on chiropractic treatment to be game-time ready.  “Not only did my chiropractor get me back on the field, but he helped me to stay on the field. My body just feels much better overall because of the care I’ve gotten,” quotes Moore.


In fact, many professional athletes are outspoken about their experiences with chiropractic care.  Most notably, 2010 NFL Hall Of Fame inductee Jerry Rice, who is a spokesperson for the Foundation for Chiropractic Progress, a not-for-profit organization dedicated to educating the public of the many benefits associated with chiropractic care.  “I did a lot of things to stay in the game, but regular visits to my chiropractor made all thedifference,” Rice asserts.


About PFCSProfessional Football Chiropractic (PFC) is an organization of chiropractors who provide the highest quality chiropractic health care to the elite athletes of Professional Football. Our mission is to communicate and educate. To initiate and continue a better understanding of chiropracticfor athletes, coaches, administrative and healthcare staff of our respective teams. It is our goal to enhance the health and performance of each and every individual athlete, so they may express their optimal health potential.

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